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                                          The purpose of the project is to promote peace into the life and spirit of the world with music and with art.

                                                         For decades the art and music of the producer has been involved in the media advertising of the day.
                                                        In 1994 ,  BMP PRODUCTIONS was formed.  The product of Meditation Music and Art was delivered to
                                                        the public via the internet thru our own web programming skills, also delivered to the neighborhood bookstores.
                                                                                 Within 6 years, at the turn of the century 2000. The art had already broken into the print world with
                                                                                 advertising art, magazine layouts, animation and commercial design, Artist/Color Seperations for 2 screen printers
                                                                                 and artist for several freelance advertising managers. Stained glass designer/printer for a large stained
                                                                                 glass window and door firm.  Large format printing, colour seperations and Internet Architecture consisting
                                                                                 of Web Design, Web Development and Web Hosting was in full swing now holding clients from across
                                                                                 the nation and seeing clients personally within a 600 mile radius.   

                                                                                 Our mottos thru the years...  "Thank You for letting us be a part of your success"     AND    "GET MAXIMUM"
                                                                                 and one that was personal... "If I wouldn't put my name on it, I won't put your name on it!"

                                                             Now in semi-retirement... 
                                                                                       Having personal music and art  as main production of studio these days.   I am now able to share
                                                                                      creations of present and past, music, photographs, illustrations, designs or stained glass
                                                                                      from the studio or the graphics shop.    The sound experienced here of our creations
                                                                                       involves mains of vocals, guitars and keyboards.  With sound effects and programming of the
                                                                                ARTURIA KEYLAB and Moog SUB FATTY...  we are heavy in our production.
                                                                                PRESONUS 22 CHANNEL STUDIOLIVE MIXER (FENDER recenty aquired PRESONUS)
                                                                                PRESONUS - CERWIN VEGA - SOUNDTECH MONITORS
                                                                                SHURE and SENSEISER MICROPHONES
                                                                               FENDER, IBANEZ, OVATION & LUNA Guitars, LUDWIG DRUMS                                                                                

                                                                                                             Hope you enjoy the show!
                                                                                                               Currently Playing In Music >      THE LANDING       

    by: bmp productions
                   established 1994